Quest for the Lost Name will take you on a transformational journey unlike any you have experienced.” Peggy McColl, New York Times Best-Selling Author

Author Quest for the Lost Name

Dear Reader,

I am thrilled to announce the release of my novel Quest for the Lost Name. I invite you to enter the magical world it weaves and take part in the experience. The story is a modern-day Hero’s Journey of adventure, forbidden love, and personal transformation.

Leah and Diokles must save the planet from a “grave threat,” and only by conquering their inner demons can they succeed in their quest. Readers constantly tell me they relish in the novel’s nuances of the inner struggle, a struggle we all face in our daily lives.

The strong thread of love is another reader favorite at the top of the list. Leah is no damsel in distress. She has a law degree from Harvard, a great job as the head of the Lancaster Hope Foundation . . . and a dark secret.

Diokles is a psychology professor in Washington, DC, with a deep soul wound and a keen interest in spirituality. Naturally, when the two of them meet, a lot of sparks fly! “This story of timeless love touched the deepest cord of my heart,” a reader said.

My hope for Quest for the Lost Name is not only to entertain you and keep you reading till the wee hours of the morning, but also to inspire you. Though the novel personifies many themes, such as survival, forgiveness, good vs. evil, Life vs. Death, selfishness vs. sacrifice, its central message is one of personal empowerment.

Like the book’s heroes, when we liberate our inner power, we can accomplish great things for our selves and our loved ones. We can defeat every adversity. We can make a difference. We can regenerate our selves from the ashes of suffering and soar with phoenix wings to freedom.

I conclude with this ode, which Diokles spontaneously exclaims in a moment of triumph:

“Life supreme, I would exalt you. Cherish each grain of time in the hourglass of your dreams. Grow gentle flowers from the seeds of your sorrows. Eat to the last morsel the manna of your joys. I will love, I will serve, I will Be.”

I look forward to connecting with you soon, whether through the Internet or during one of my public events. Let the journey begin…

With gratitude,




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  • You get my Better-Than-Money-Back Guarantee.
  • Plus, I will sign and dedicate each book.

If the novel doesn’t surpass your expectations, we’ll be more than happy to refund the purchase price of $15.95, minus the shipping and handling costs, no questions asked. And you keep all the gifts. (Just call for an authorization number and ship it back in good condition.)

As long as you place an order while this message appears on the website, you will receive the gifts as stated, and the Better-Than-Money-Back-Guarantee will be honored within 30 days of you receiving the book.

I leave you with some of my favorite dialogue lines, spoken by the wise mentor of Diokles:

“You are not a human weak­ling, though you may think you are when the winds of suffering toss you around like a helpless dry leaf. You are important. You count. Life needs you. . . . Remember this when the shadows of fear eclipse the sun of your courage.”

 Quest for the Lost Name Summary

Diokles, a love-struck psychology professor in Washington, DC, is sitting on his living room couch, daydreaming about Leah Winslow, the pretty daughter of a self-made billionaire. When someone beats on his door and delivers a mysterious message, life as he knows it is over.

“Ten days from today, a hammer of woe will strike Earth. Continents will shift. Lands will vanish. Countless people will die. Unless someone unleashes the limitless power of the Lost Name of God.”

This gripping transformational thriller races from a secret outpost near the Teton Range, to the White House, to Varanasi in India, to the peaks of Tibet, and beyond . . . way beyond. Diokles must confront his inner demons, harness cosmic forces, battle ruthless enemies, and endure terrifying ordeals. Only then can he hope to succeed in his quest, save lives, and secure a future with Leah.

Rooted in ancient history, fantasy, psychology, and spirituality, Quest for the Lost Name rockets to a heart-stopping, completely unexpected, fiery finale.


“Definitely the must-have book of the season, I’d recommend it to anyone who enjoys a thought-provoking spiritual thriller!”  Dr. Joe Rubino, Best-Selling Author

“George’s first novel is a thrilling, thought-provoking tour de force that you just can’t put down till the book is done!!”  Barbara J. Semple, Best-Selling Author

“This author’s debut novel will capture and inspire. I’m looking forward to more of his work.” Tara Taylor, Best-Selling Author

“One of the qualities that make this novel so dazzling is how utterly fresh it is. You’ve never read anything quite like it.”  Judy O’Beirn

“This is a wonderfully unique, inspirational book which is a must-read for all. Thanks for sharing your journey with me.” Susan Coster

“278 pages of pure thrill. The story grabbed me from the first line and didn’t let go until the last page. Highly recommended.”  Erin Kennedy

“A delight for the soul. I especially enjoyed the spiritual encounters.”  Timothy Steel

Quest for the Lost Name is not a book. It’s a magical experience.”  Kathi Christopher

“One way that I find balance in my life is by taking time out for myself to read. I especially love to read enlightening books–my latest favorite is Quest for the Lost Name. I just love books that entertain you while seamlessly teaching important spiritual principles. I find that when I take time out to read and relax, especially enlightening books, I feel more balanced in life.”  Becky Hirst

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